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Manufacturing Solutions International | Tom Donnelly

Tom Donnelly -  Business Manager
Responsible for Business Strategy, Finance, HR, and IT

Tom has over 25 yrs experience in Finance and IT consulting and management, process control engineering, and strategy implementation

He holds a BA Computer Science, BA Business Management
from LaSalle University and an MBA from The Rotterdam
School of Management

Consulted for large banks across Europe in area of market and
credit risk
– Client list includes UBS, JPMorgan, Credit Agricole, WestLB, et al

Consulted for large corporations in the areas of finance and
portfolio management
– Client list includes Novartis, Gillette/Braun, Fremantle Media, et al

Managed large IT organizations for the Department of Defense

Audit experience – led numerous project teams through ISO
9001 audits at major European banks

As a process control engineer, designed and implemented
systems to control large-scale manufacturing processes